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Total Access

Our products provide easy access to parking facilities, revenue control, reporting and updates via our software. We work harder at every level to provide you easier access to our people, from sales and installers to management. READ MORE
Customization from the ground up

Our SKIDATA systems come with everything already installed, so they’re customized from the start. We can activate any feature you need at any time—no expensive add-ons, no waiting, and no hassle. READ MORE
We stand behind our products

It doesn’t matter how good a product is if we can’t support it better than anyone else. Everyone at Sentry is committed to maintaining the integrity and honesty necessary for us to build upon our reputation as a world-class service organization. READ MORE
SENTRY Control Systems - Pursuing Perfect Access On Every Level

Sentry Control Systems is a parking revenue control, and access systems integrator that offers world-class customer help
and innovative quality solutions to optimize revenue for their customers.

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